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What's On This Week - 30th Aug - 4th Sep

With the launch of the brand new website and new look Oi Oi Radio we thought we would bring you a weekly blog with what to look forward to.

The Return of some talent to Wednesdays

Wednesdays are having a shake up with the return of Soul Buddy.

DJ times have returned to the old format with Shaydee Gee starting the show at 6pm with two hours of fresh House and Garage.

Soul Buddy and Andy K take over from 8pm til late with their unique flow of music and comedy (a possibility of some in

appropriate leg humping is pretty much guaranteed.)

Lock in on Wednesdays from 6pm UK - via the app, Alexa or the brand new

Groove Direction Friday

3 DJs + Years of Experience = A great Friday Night

Join Markie HD Live from 4-7pm UK with his brilliant style. Get your Friday after work started correctly

Then the man like Chris 'On His Bike' Bell aka Dj Belly Belly takes over at 7pm. Mostly a disco flow whether on vinyl or digital

Finally at 9pm, our newest family member, Richie S

Richie was sold to me on the promise that he likes playing a harder style of House. We have yet to hear that, but can't wait till we do. Just need the encouragement which we, as a family, can provide


Twisty is making his comeback to Oi Oi Radio with a fresh, new night!!! Watch this space for updates


If so, then join DJ Nexxxus and his multi genre show. Jim has one of the most extensive record collections i have seen. He has been putting in weeks of hard work producing vinyl only shows for the last year. Could be Rock. Could be Rap. Could be House, Garage, Dnb, Electro or more but what is a certainty, is two hours of great music

Join Nexxxus Live Saturday Nights 8pm UK - 3pm Boston

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